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    POS Wholesale Parts

    Sierra Enterprises serves the wholesale POS parts industry. Our customers are those in the business of repairing, rebuilding and servicing Point Of Sale systems.

    We invite all wholesale POS customers to log in, fill out an application, and access the full Sierra Enterprises online catalog.

    Our POS Products

    Sierra Enterprises makes a number of POS products in-house. That’s how we know they are Made in the USA and with USA materials. We make some lenses (not all), and we make much of the labeling required for various terminals and printers. In addition, we carry an inventory of the following categories.

    • New. The balance of new products are purchased from the manufacturers. You’ll see them listed in the catalog product specifications. We also make bulk purchases in closeouts and bulk sales.
    • Refurbished. We refurbish some products. You’ll see these notes on some items. Of course, these refurbished POS parts are always subject to what’s available.
    • Cleaned and tested. We also offer cleaned and tested power supplies. And these are often a way to save money on POS parts; many of our customers take advantage of this.
    • Used. We offer some used POS products. These are not refurbished but are tested. We guarantee these will work or we take them back.

    We Don’t Do Repairs

    Sierra Enterprises provides POS parts for the industry. That’s our focus and our business. We do not do repairs. We leave the repairs to our customers – the POS professionals who rebuild, repair, and service POS Systems.

    When you need POS repairs, please contact your POS system professionals. And tell them about us - for excellent prices on top-quality POS parts.


    We ship with United Parcel Service (UPS) and United States Postal Service (USPS). Shipping costs are based on the weight of each item purchased.

    Attention International Customers

    Shipments going from the United States to other countries are subject to customs duties, fees and broker charges. Sierra Enterprises does NOT pay these fees. These fees must be paid by the purchaser. These fees are sometimes not collected at delivery but WILL BE charged at a later date, sometimes months later.


    If merchandise is defective, damaged or you wish to return it for other reasons, please contact us immediately. All claims MUST be made within 5 days of receipt of order. After 5 days, you are obligated to pay for the merchandise. If the merchandise is not defective, a 15% restocking fee plus return shipping costs will be charged. Merchandise must be in new condition and in working order or they will be returned back to you without credit. Returns DO NOT include displays.